Male Waxing

What you should know about male waxing?

In recent years male waxing has become increasingly popular, Therefore we have a specialist trained in providing the treatments you deserve.  We offer a skin consultation prior any waxing treatment to make sure we use most suitable products. Removing unwanted hair from your body with professional waxing allows you to boost your confidence, love the way you look, and step out the door in style. In conclusion, just what you need to hear when you want to be the man who has it all. Our most  popular treatment is the chest, with a rise in appointments for fingers and hands for the board room and feet and toes for holidays.

Does it hurt ?

In the first place you will feel a slightly discomfort but also occasionally some  pain will be involved. Most of our customers are finding our unique waxing technique fairly painless. Pain free waxing doesn’t exist, just to be aware of this. Lastly, good news is that our longest treatment will only take  30 minutes.

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