Beauty treatments in Canary Wharf

While many beauty salons offer waxing as a service, here at Perfect Waxing we are specialists. It’s what we do all day, every day! Perhaps you have been waxed elsewhere and been disappointed that hairs were missed, grew back more quickly than you had hoped or just felt that the therapist did not have a high level of waxing experience.

We are highly trained in female waxing, making it as painless as possible. Using hot wax (we have vegan waxing available also) we are able to get every last hair, meaning your results are long lasting.

If this is your first intimate waxing treatment, you may feel a little nervous, but please be assured that your treatment is carried out with the utmost dignity and professionalism!



Underarm Hot Wax £29

Full Arms £39

1/2 Arms £33

Brazilian / Hollywood Hot Wax £69

Luxury Hollywood/Brazilian Hot Wax £83

Bespoke Hollywood/Brazilian £99

**Pregnancy Hollywood/Brazilian Hot Wax £83

***Vajacial £83

Bikini Line High Hot Wax £47

Buttocks £37

Full Legs £59

1/2 Legs £37

Tights £39

Full Back £47

Full Chest £35

Abdomen/Belly £27

Men’s Waxing

Chest £37

Ears £25

Eyebrows £23

Chest and Abs £60

Lower Back £29

Shoulders £35

Upper Back and Shoulders £55

Full Back and Shoulders £75

Full Back and Chest (only) £75

Underarms £35

Full Arms £55

Half Arms £39

Hands and Fingers £25

Nostrils £20

Vegan Waxing

Underarm Hot Wax £29

Bikini Line High Hot Wax £49

Hollywood / Brazilian Hot Wax £83

Eyes/Face Treatments

Full Face Sensitive Skin Wax £47

Eyebrows Shape £23

Eyebrows Waxing £19

Eyebrows Tint £23*

Eyelashes Tint £27*

Eyebrows Wax, Tint, Trim £29*

*Patch test is required 48hrs before the treatment

 **Pregnant ladies contact the salon first prior booking

***VAJACIAL is offered exclusively to Perfect Waxing customers only.

For enquires, call Perfect Waxing on
07411 068 541