Welcome to Our New Home -Perfect Waxing In Canary Wharf

Perfect Waxing In Canary Wharf is delighted to welcome you. Located on 37th Floor, One Canada Square is ready and waiting for you to explore. Right in the heart of Canary Wharf, it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a premium quality wax right in the heart of the city. Just what you need when nothing but looking and feeling your best will do.

A Uniquely Luxurious Experience

No matter whether you opt for a Hollywood wax, to treat yourself to Brazilian waxing, or explore full body waxing, the choice is yours. Our goal is to connect you with everything you need in a luxurious setting and location that sets you free to be everything you want to be. All you have to do then is decide how you want to look and feel, and we’ll make it happen.
Still Looking for the best waxing salon in Canary Wharf?
Perfect Waxing might be the right choice. In past 3 years Andreea won 6 Awards and been a finalist for 4 others. This not only highlight her expertise but also her commitment to improve her skills. From offering a classic waxing treatment to a bespoke treatment, we’ve got you covered.

Time to Treat Yourself

When you are ready to embrace luxury waxing with the professional touch, our doors are always open. From the moment you arrive at One Canada Square you’ll feel at ease and relaxed as you get ready to treat yourself to an experience unlike any other. In fact our service is so quick and relaxing, it’s even the perfect way to spend your lunch break as you treat yourself to a little pampering session during the working day.
Which leaves just one question: why wait…
Get in touch today  07411068541 to schedule your treatment and we’ll introduce you to a waxing experience you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.