Why Hot Wax is best for Intimate Waxing

You’ve probably been wondering what the difference between hot waxing and regular waxing is? Aren’t they both “hot” wax? You will never understand this entirely until you don’t try it yourself! So, if you are ready for it, ​Book now​ and get your first Hot Wax intimate waxing with Andreea in Canary Wharf or Stratford Venue, London to experience this!

If you want to know what are the benefits of Hot Waxing or you’re not wholly sure Hot Wax is what you need precisely, continue reading, and you will find out why all professionals use this method and all clients love Hot Wax in ​Perfect Waxing​!
So, why is Hot Wax the best for Intimate Waxing?

I will share with you seven main reasons:

1. Stronger grip

Hot Wax is the wax of choice for Bikini/Hollywood/Brazilian waxes, underarm wax and sometimes facial waxing too because of its stronger grip! A firmer grip on the hairs is so highly effective on thicker, stronger hairs like in Intimate areas.

2. No ingrown hairs

Hot Wax leads to less ingrown hairs, because of the Hot Wax main feature — wrapping around the hair follicle. It pulls out all hairs entirely at once!

3. No reddening or bruising

When we put Hot Wax covering the skin for a minute, heat opens pores, hair follicles, allowing hair to wax out very gently, removing hairs from the root without pulling the skin. It helps lessen reddening and bruising in such gentle areas with thin skin.

4.Hot Wax is Perfect for short, stubborn hairs as small as 1mm

Hot wax is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root and removing as small hairs as 1mm! It is perfect for short and stubborn hairs in the Intimate zones.

5. The wax promotes skin hydration

The Hot Wax used for Intimate hair removal has such ingredients as essential oils and honey for hydration. A thick layer of Hot Wax opens pores and nourishes your skin from the inside!

6. Less Painful

The treatment with Hot Wax is less painful because of the open pores. It helps to remove all hairs with roots without pulling the skin, which often is very painful in the thin skin intimate zones.

7. More extended re-growth periods

Hot Waxing in Intimate zones extends re-growth periods as it removes all hairs with roots, even 1 mm length! Sounds amazing right?


Cold Waxing isn’t as suitable in sensitive areas. It can cause redness, bruising and more ingrown hairs! Hot Waxing has numerous benefits! It extends re-growth periods, hydrates your skin, and its firmer grip removes even stubborn 1 mm hairs!
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